When and Why You Don’t Need a Blog

If you are just now getting on the blog bandwagon, you are definitely on the southern side of the bell curve. But it doesn’t mean all is lost and you should drop what you are doing. Blog are great tools for business. They are a great way to journal the events and happenings of your company and bring them to your customers. But for some reason, the buzz surrounding these little publishing gems has reached a new threshold and now every business from janitors to dog sitters have blogs.

Maybe we have reality TV to blame. Everyone thinks that details of their day-to-day activity should be passed on to the customers no matter how significant or insignificant they might be. Although I’m sure there is some value to these publications, I have to think that somewhere along the way the intention was lost.

These weak or misdirected posts no longer serve their businesses, and may even have a negative effect. So as I’m sure there are list upon lists for reasons to start a blog, I’ve decided to post a list of the reasons to not have one. If your new blog project touches on any of these, you might want to take a second look before you hit “publish”.

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Reason One: Date is not relevant

Blogs are not great tools for organization.  The strength of blog publishing comes on the back of being timely. Simply put, blogs are organized in a journal format and the information is presented in that way. So knowing this, do you want a blog so you can publish timely information? Or are you just thinking about SEO and ramming content inside of your domain?

If date has nothing to do with your information, your time and money would be better spent putting your information on your web site, organized topically so your users can find it.  Blogs should not be used as a general catch-all for your new Web site content.

Reason Two: My Customers are Not Reading Online

If your business is serving customers who are not regular readers online, why do you have a blog? How much time and energy are you putting into this project for minimal return or even following? Your effort could be spent better places, reaching your customers. How do you find out this information? How about a marketing review?

Reason Three: Business as Usual

Blogs can be insightful tools to read into the inner workings of companies. When CEO’s started blogging about the internal issues of their companies, the good and the bad, popularity shot through the roof. Point being, what are you going to do that is different than your typical press release? People turn to blogs for the real-life stuff, the nitty-gritty. They can read a newspaper or watch TV for everything else.

If you’ve passed the test, then you are ready to get out there and add to the ever growing blogosphere. But make sure you are doing it with a more than just a surface level agenda. Good blogging is where good planning and good purpose collide.

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