Top 5 CEO Marketing Mistakes

You might be the CEO, but we are all susceptible to making these CEO marketing mistakes. Don’t fall into the trap that many CEOs find themselves in by making these easily avoidable mistakes.

#1 – Lacking Research

Going off your gut or your past experiences is not enough market data to base your entire marketing effort upon. Proper research and the creation of accurate personas will be more valuable to you in the long run than any money you spend on marketing. Create personas and base that on real data.

#2 – Following The Competition

It might be fun to hold a grudge or a steady competition with the shop across town, but don’t simply follow them lock step into the next marketing disaster. Don’t jump on Pinterest marketing simply because they have. Make informed decisions and stop trying to beat them with brawn.

#3 – Reliance on Sales over Marketing

You might have a great sales team, but many times that sales team is given too much credit. A marketing department can do a much better job at inbound marketing and prospecting than your sales team. A healthy balance can really develop a good sales pipeline and build a more successful and sustainable business in the long run.

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#4 – Doing It Yourself

Have you not learned your lesson yet? You’ve got enough on your hands, you need a experienced marketing team, not an internal marketing manager to get the job done for you. If you are posting tweets and coming up with your own campaigns, you’re in too deep. You need help.

#5 – #trending

I know its easier to just follow the trends. “You have to have a Facebook page“, and while this is true is not the true starting point. The true starting point is a place of understanding of your customer, marketing and unique offer. This is what marketers do and why you need to think about bringing in a real team to handle your marketing. Trends come and go, while you need something that is going to bring results every week.

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