The Power of Podcasting

Driven by convenience and mobility, podcast popularity is consistently growing year over year with no end in sight. It makes sense; how else can you gain your target market’s ear for 30 minutes straight?

How Do I Create A Podcast?

You already have everything you need: expertise. New North handles podcasting the same way we do everything else – by combining your expertise with ours. Through interviews, strategy meetings, and our regular interaction with you, we leverage your years of experience and our audio production team to produce high-quality podcasts specifically tailored to capture the attention of your prospects.

Why Podcasting Works

You’ve probably heard people talking about podcasts. It’s become such a vital part of the digital world that most computers, tablets, and phones come with apps that will play podcasts for you automatically – and even download them for you when new ones become available. Here are reasons why this is effective for you.

1. Podcasts are Efficient

Creating a podcast these days involves time, your knowledge of an industry, and something to record it. You can disperse a massive amount of quality information to millions of podcast listeners all across the world. As an expert in your field, you know things that people want to know, and with the increased level of interest, the more your light shines on your company.

2. Podcasts are Educational

Again, you are an expert in your field, and telling stories about what you do – and what you can do for the people listening – will attract the interest of many potential clients. Your credibility will soar once people hear you talk.

3. Podcasts are Pervasive

Much like video marketing, podcasts are everywhere and there are countless opportunities for your company to promote itself. Once you start podcasting, you can post them on your website, social media, or any number of websites dedicated to hosting podcasts.

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The Podcast Creation Process

We’ll work with you to determine the feel of your podcast – from the subject matter to the tone of the music, and everything in between. Can you speak to issues and innovations in your industry? Are you an expert in your field? Does your business have a story to tell? We’ll sit down and create a strategic plan to bring your story to life, and we’ll work with you to make sure that it’s told in the most effective way possible.

Take a look below to see what you’ll get with New North’s podcasting creation services.

New North is creative and willing to take on any challenges we throw their way. Exactly the type of provider we like to partner with.

– Patrick Hill, Ruppert Companies

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