The Power of SEO

If you’ve been frustrated by a lack of SEO results in the past, you’re not alone. You may have paid, or are still paying, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that have failed to generate the results that you imagined. False expectations or irrelevant rankings leave you in a lurch when it comes to your next steps. Meanwhile, it seems like your competitors are enjoying first page rankings and gaining new customers every day.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a way to get key words, descriptions, photos, etc., into your blog posts and onto your website so that it is ranked highly – you want first or second page – by search engines. Google and other search engines use a secret method to determine rank, but marketing experts have a better idea of what these search engines look for when they come up with their rankings.

Why SEO Works

It’s vital that people see your company when they search for your industry. At the same time, most people usually don’t look past the third or fourth page of an online search. They’re going to want to talk with the company close to the top of the first page. This is where SEO comes in.

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1. SEO Allows You to Rank Higher, More Often

Your success in the digital marketplace requires that you have a strong presence in search engine results pages (SERPs). Page 2 is not enough. You need first page rankings on the keywords that customers use to find you. We’ve developed a process and approach to SEO that will bring continual results, month by month. Using this expertise, we can grow your SERP rank and relevancy to Google, Bing, and Yahoo without spending on PPC marketing. Enjoy the long-lasting results that only come from a strong SEO campaign.

2. Results from SEO are a Given, and Guaranteed

We generally don’t stick our neck out before we meet a client, but in this case we can. We are so confident that we can move the needle for your business, we’ll back our services with a full refund. If you want search engine optimization for your professional service business, you’ve come to the right place.

3. Local SEO Services Generate Results

We’re experts at using geographically-targeted techniques to help you rank in the locations that matter to you. If you’re a Maryland business, for instance, your customers are probably in Maryland – not in Los Angeles, Chicago, or Indonesia.

That’s why we offer search engine optimization that’s tailored to your location. Local SEO means that, when local people search for you, you show up. Rank high where it matters – whether that’s Maryland SEO or around the world.

We work to find out where you are and identify areas of need, for your customers and for your business.

We chart the best path toward growth, crafting your message and distributing it via carefully selected channels.

We generate qualified leads, continually working to optimize our results as your company continues to grow.

Service Results

  • 53%

    Organic Traffic

  • +80%

    Page Count

  • +19%

    Total Traffic

With New North’s SEO services, you get:

  • Website design to improve SEO performance
  • On-page content optimization
  • Off-page SEO services
  • Content generation to target long-tail keywords
  • Schema and meta data optimization


SEO is an important step in reaching customers and creating marketing growth – but there are more steps to the journey.

At New North, we offer complete and customizable marketing packages based on your unique needs. Based on our years of expertise, we’ve created the Marketing Growth Guideposts to help you identify where your marketing is now, and what steps you can take next – all to help you reach your next level of growth as efficiently as possible. Are you ready to reach your next level of growth?

New North exceeded our expectations on the site build time and quality. We soon had top rankings and plenty of room to grow.

– Jon Anderson, Loyaltap

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