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Today’s digital world is increasingly broken into niches of online communities. These are the varied places that people go for information: podcasts, video channels, blogs, and more, each one tailored to unique interests and a certain audience. The good news is that these channels offer paid placement opportunities that can be incredibly impactful in generating awareness of your business. Yet many businesses struggle to capitalize, wasting budget on placements that don’t generate results, or wasting an opportunity by failing to identify placements at all.

Do you struggle to effectively use paid media?

We identify and manage paid media opportunities that help you to generate awareness with your ideal audience on the channels that they care about.


We’ve seen how a lack of paid media strategy can lead to low awareness for businesses that should be thought leaders in their space. We believe that your business should be able to capitalize on the podcasts, video channels, and blogs within your industry to reach potential customers on the channels they care about, establishing thought leadership in the process.

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We work to find out where you are and identify areas of need, for your customers and for your business.

We chart the best path toward growth, crafting your message and distributing it via carefully selected channels.

We generate qualified leads, continually working to optimize our results as your company continues to grow.

Service Results

  • $1.51

    Cost Per Click

  • 3.2%

    Click-Thru Rate

  • $66

    Per Lead

With our paid media services, you’ll get:

  • A dedicated team of paid media experts led by your very own account strategist
  • Comprehensive audience research detailing the behaviors and profile of your ideal customer
  • A well-researched list of the paid placement opportunities and channels that could best generate awareness and engagement with your business
  • Management of paid media engagements to ensure seamless logistics
  • Message optimization to maximize the value of each channel
  • Full reporting on progress and activities to measure success

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule your free consult, where we’ll unpack the current state of your paid media
  • We’ll begin the campaign, identifying your ideal audience and pinpointing the channels to reach them online
  • We’ll work with you to manage the logistics of paid engagements, ensuring seamless communication
  • We’ll optimize your message to ensure it connects on a given channel
  • We’ll provide consulting as needed for opportunities such as a podcast or video guest appearances
  • Paid media will drive awareness and fill your business funnel

New North exceeded our expectations on the site build time and quality. We soon had top rankings and plenty of room to grow.

– Jon Anderson, Loyaltap

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