Content Creation is Powerful

The greatest commodity of the 21st century is expertise and innovation. Companies succeed because they demonstrate expertise in their field. They show innovation with their products and services, and their customers trust that their solutions will fit their needs.

But how do your potential customers reach the buying stage before they’ve had a chance to use your product and experience your expertise? Well, in today’s world, they’ll be coming to their decision by researching online – and that means that your online content is the touchpoint that matters most. What does your site say about you? Have you demonstrated your expertise on your blog? Can they even find your content when they search?

Content creation cuts through the clutter and provides real value to your customer in today’s sales process.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the process of putting helpful and informative content online that your potential customer will find valuable. Your company’s thoughts and ideas are laid out for everyone to see.

The tactics and strategies that content creation involve are many, but the result of the process is this: content creation helps in two ways. First, it provides rich SEO value for your customer’s search so that they can find your product or service. Second, it adds value to the customer’s understanding of their needs, and demonstrates your expertise in the marketplace.

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Why Content Creation Works

1. Content Creation Lets Customers Know About You

Everything from your website to your social media channels – everything that has anything to do with your company – is content. The creation of that content is what drives prospective clients to your website and to your social media channels. This content lets them all know what your company is all about: your services, products, history, goal, etc. The more information your company provides, the more likely clients will lose the tag “perspective.”

2. Content Creation Provides Rich SEO

When people do a search for what your company does in any search engine, it’s important to have quality SEO (search engine optimization) woven throughout your website. If content creation is done well, your company’s website will rank high enough that it should land on the very first page.

SEO is used throughout your website, your blog posts, and even through your social media. The content that is created helps push your company closer to your goals.

3. Content Creation Provides Value

Content creation provides the spark your company needs to get noticed. With your expertise on display, it’s easy for clients to see the enormous value you have to offer them.

Here’s an example of the engine that content creation creates: viewers search for their needs, find your company online, learn the value of your solution, and become your customers based on the value you’ve demonstrated. It’s simple and powerful – just take a look at a few of the successes.

We work to find out where you are and identify areas of need, for your customers and for your business.

We chart the best path toward growth, crafting your message and distributing it via carefully selected channels.

We generate qualified leads, continually working to optimize our results as your company continues to grow.

Service Results

  • +33%

    Search Traffic

  • 102%

    Increase in Users

  • +1513%

    Session Increase

What you get with New North’s Content Creation:

  • A custom content creation strategy to determine what content will be most effective, when it should be produced, and where it should go.
  • Dependent upon your strategy: ebooks, white papers, website content, and blog posts.
  • A dedicated team of professional copywriters and bloggers who will create high quality content that reflects your expertise.
  • Analysis of which content pieces are performing best, and adjustment of strategy to optimize success.


Content creation is an important step in reaching customers and creating marketing growth – but there are more steps to the journey.

At New North, we offer complete and customizable marketing packages based on your unique needs. Based on our years of expertise, we’ve created the Marketing Growth Guideposts to help you identify where your marketing is now, and what steps you can take next – all to help you reach your next level of growth as efficiently as possible. Are you ready to reach your next level of growth?

New North exceeded our expectations on the site build time and quality. We soon had top rankings and plenty of room to grow.

– Jon Anderson, Loyaltap

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