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All of the results, none of the mystery.

all the results none of the mystery

Pulling the curtain
    back on "agencies"

We love to work with clients who are tired of the agency mystique. Those cool creative spaces with groovy clothes and ping pong tables don’t really amount to a whole lot on your bottom line. That’s why at New North, we’ve decided to opt for transparency, not mystery.

Guiding You Through the Process

We strive to keep our processes clear and transparent. Your strategist will guide you through the development of all of your projects. They’ll be with you from concepts to completion, giving you insight into what’s happening, as it’s happening.

First Step:
Marketing Review

For our first meeting, we’re bringing something to the table. We’ll start by rolling up our sleeves and understanding where you are, and what needs to be done. From a combination of research and questions, we will come up with an evaluation of our current online marketing presence. We’ll share what we know, and where you can grow your business. And just like any first date, if you don’t like how it goes – no commitment needed. (But we think we can make a good first impression.)

Second Step:
Expert Strategy

Once we are underway, the next step is to set the strategy. Our place or yours, we’re going to get underway with a large working meeting to get our project started right. Your strategist will lead the discussion, and we’ll go right into getting your project on the rails and headed towards completion. This is your chance to bring the rest of your team to the table, and get all of the input together that will go into making your project great.

Third Step:
Start The Campaign

There is no better way to say it: we get down to work. This is when we start our same-time, same-day meetings, and we get the ball rolling on turning your needs into solutions. From here, it differs from client to client, but wherever we go, it will always be up. Together, we’ll chart a path to your own New North.

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What You Can Expect Working With New North

Keeping our transparency clear, your strategist will guide you through the development process of any of your projects. From concepts to completion, your strategist will bring you into the process guiding the project.

Your Strategist

From day one, we match you with a digital strategist that can best help your company grow. Their goal is to build a successful campaign while bringing you into the process to show you the how and why of our practices. No matter the project or task, you’ve got one person who you can call to discuss your needs. They’ll manage all the work you need done. Your success is their success – and that’s not just a catchy slogan. We review and evaluate our strategists on the success they bring to the table for each of our clients.

Same-Day, Same-Time Meetings

A hallmark of our process is the same-day, same-time meeting. In person or over the phone, progress is made when minds come together on ideas. Once your project is started, you’ll have a same day- same time meeting every week that will bring you up to speed on your projects from all aspects of New North. You’ll never be in the dark on where your project is, or on what the results are.

Your Team

Our space is affectionately called ‘the island”, where we all work. This large desk is the center of our production and culture at New North. It’s also the center of your team. Much like your strategist, every client partner has a team that is assembled to work on their project. Led by the strategist, your team can grow or shift based on your needs, but it’s always made up of the same creatives who know your goals, desires, and dreams. The open communication ensures that your team is always connected, sharing the latest about your project at all times.

Process Makes Perfect

With over 20 years of marketing and web development experience, we’ve done this thing a few times. We know the value of process and getting the same great results everytime we get to work. From day one, you’ll be brought into the New North process for your project. From our 10-Stage Dev Process for web development or our Content Cycle for inbound marketing, you’ll have a proven road map for success.

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