What Web Design Should Be

At New North, we strive to make your experience with web design what it should be – easy, enjoyable, and effective.

Your website should be the hub of your marketing efforts. It’s the center through which all of your marketing should flow, and it’s the main touchpoint that potential clients will have with your business before they decide to buy. As a local Frederick business, we take pride in helping other local business thrive.

To that end, we’ve helped businesses all over Frederick, MD design and build websites that look stunning, bring their brands to life, and, most importantly, help them to capture new clients.

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70% of your sales process happens on your site, before a client ever contacts you. Is your website up to the task?

Providing Stunning Web Design for Frederick Businesses

Don’t settle for subpar website design. Frederick businesses deserve world-class web design. You can have all of the best information in the world on your website, but if it looks like it was created in 1998, people are going to browse right past it. Your website is a reflection of your company and needs to look sharp, sophisticated, and professional.

At New North, we believe that website design services can go further than just reflecting your brand – we believe they can transform your business by helping you to grow.

Want to learn more about what goes into a successful website? Here are 25 tips to get you started.

What We Offer

Are you ready to craft the website your business needs? Take a look at what our Frederick, MD web design service has to offer, and then take a look at a few examples of our work.

We can customize our engagement to best meet your needs.

  • Strategic direction for website aesthetic, architecture, user flow, and messaging
  • Content writing services
  • Web design services
  • Expertise with industry standard CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot, and more
  • Conversion optimization services to test and improve user flow

How We Help

We bring technical know-how to the table, but, just as importantly, we bring strategic thinking, too.

We take a systematic approach to continually change the website for greater conversion rates through call-to-actions, design and messaging, and user experience experiments designed to increase the number of visitors who convert. Combined with an overall marketing strategy, the optimization process can generate results never before experienced from your website.

We work to find out where you are and identify areas of need, for your customers and for your business.

We chart the best path toward growth, crafting your message and distributing it via carefully selected channels.

We generate qualified leads, continually working to optimize our results as your company continues to grow.

Service Results

  • +53%

    Organic Traffic

  • +40%

    CTA Page Views

  • 10K

    Monthly Visitors

What You Get With Our Frederick MD, Website Design Services

When you choose to work with New North on your website design, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A dedicated team of professional web designers, with your very own project manager to see the process through from start to finish.
  • High-quality custom website design, based on your brand.
  • Web design for optimal conversion
  • Insights into user behaviors in the process
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design practices

How Website Design Fits Into Your Marketing Journey

Website design is an important step in reaching customers and creating marketing growth – but there are more steps to the journey.

At New North, we offer complete and customizable marketing packages based on your unique needs. Based on our years of expertise, we’ve created the Marketing Growth Guideposts to help you identify where your marketing is now, and what steps you can take next -all to help you reach your next level of growth as efficiently as possible. Are you ready to reach your next level of growth?

I highly endorse New North’s work, knowledge and experience.

– Darren DeGioia, JDG Assocates

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