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Are You Ready To Bring Agency Level Insight and Performance
To Your Marketing?

10X Marketing Cohort is a 90-minute, monthly training that gives you the resources, insight and materials you need to succeed.

Getting the right start with marketing can change the outcomes of your company no matter where you are in the journey.

We’ve walked with enough hundreds of entrepreneurs and marketers to know the steps in the process. Many times they have some resources already in place to help with marketing, or they are willing and want to do the work themselves. So we’ve created the 10X Marketing Cohort to bring you a 10-month engaged training with other marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners as you all grow your companies with strong marketing.

Here is how it works:

  • 10-Month planned curriculum
  • Monthly 90-min in-person meeting w/lesson with dedicated Q&A time
  • Monthly personalized coaching check-in on progress outside of lesson
  • Resources and worksheets to organize your marketing with each lesson
  • Social and networking opportunities


Each of the lessons is crafted to give the participants a deep knowledge of each topic pertaining to the digital advertising landscape. Each session will include insights into the topic, experiences, real-world examples and the tools of the trade to accomplish the same results.

  • Month 1 – Digital Marketing Strategy
    Reviewing the big picture of digital marketing and how all the pieces go together to create a campaign. This will review business positioning, campaign tactics and budget concerns.
  • Month 2 – Messaging Strategy
    How to best position and message your company for success. We’ll review the framework that we use to create compelling messaging that attracts and converts.
  • Month 3 – Content Marketing & SEO
    With a strong messaging strategy, you can now create the right kind of content for editorial and SEO use. This session will review all the guidance ot you need to win in SEO and content marketing.
  • Month 4 – Email Marketing
    From metrics to complicated drip campaigns, this session will give you a deep toolset into how email marketing will grow and thrive in your business.
  • Month 5 – Social Media Marketing
    Where, when and how much? These are the big questions in social media, and we’ve got big answers. Learn how to rock your social media in this section.
  • Month 6 – ABM & Sales Enablement Marketing
    Learn enterprise marketing tactics that help sales and marketing align for success. Learn how the full funnel develops and how marketing can play a major part.
  • Month 7 – Paid Media
    Covering all the paid media channels, you’ll learn how to plan, buy and measure your paid media for the greatest return.
  • Month 8 – Mobile & Websites
    What is a good website? Learn all the basics of how to audit, improve and create great experiences on your website that will make you the leader in your company.
  • Month 9 – Video Marketing
    Everyone needs to do video, and in this session, we’ll talk basics as well as overall big picture on where video fits into your marketing.
  • Month 10 – Analytics & Reporting
    The core of all the digital marketing, analytics and reporting will give you the competitive edge when it comes to doing digital marketing by the numbers.



Tobin Lehman is the owner of New North, and 16 year veteran of the digital marketing space. An early adopter of analytics, he has helped over 80 organizations use digital marketing to help grow revenue and results using digital marketing. A previous lecturer at American University and Shepherd University, his style of story, humor and candor make complex material enjoyable and connect with the real world.

Tobin will be joined in different sessions by other members of his team, and outside experts to help bring lasting value and additional perspectives to the conversation.

Pricing & Timing

Fees for the cohort are 249/mo, per member for 10 months. 

All fees can be paid in full in advance for a 10% discount.

The 2019 cohort starts in March 2019, Join today!

Don’t wait until a better time to improve your marketing power.

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New North exceeded our expectations on the site build time and quality. We soon had top rankings and plenty of room to grow.

– Jon Anderson, Loyaltap

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