New North is a marketing agency designed to help B2B technology firms
reach the next level of growth. Now it's your turn.

Do You Struggle With?

It's not uncommon to struggle with creating effective marketing that attracts the right customers and positions your company to win in the marketplace.

Websites that do not convert leads
Wasted dollars on the wrong advertising
Confusion around what marketing works for your business
No bigger strategy in your sales and marketing
Getting leads that are the wrong fit or tire-kickers
Clueless when it comes to social media

What Makes New North so Different?

With so many firms out there, how do you choose the right one?

Not every company is right for New North, but if you are looking to grow your company and build an enduring sales and marketing machine, it's time we talk. These are the things that define our unique approach.

B2B Tech Expertise

You're not building transactions, you're building relationships. You need a sales and marketing process that can move thousands of dollars of value in each transaction and build your company the right way.

You're Always In the Loop

We work as one team, always in sync. You will see our progress weekly, and planning and pricing are open. You're in the loop as much as you'd like to be.

Just-Right Pricing

We work as one team, always in sync. No long term contracts and a 30-day cancellation policy. Our engagements are agile, meaning we can expand and contract based on your marketing goals. You're in the driver's seat.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say

Their work consistently multiplies the company’s visibility. New North contributes a good return on market awareness, leads, and quality of content. They built this long-term relationship on the foundation of excellent communication, trustworthiness, and responsiveness to input.

- IT Services, Owner

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Are you ready to get started on turning your marketing into a lead generation source to build your business?

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Our National Footprint

No matter where your business is located, New North understands the market and industry your tech business serves. Grow with us no matter where you are located.

Download The B2B Tech Marketing Guidebook

A complete guide to all the essential marketing activites for any growing B2B firm that needs a marketing playbook.