3 Tips To Attract Website Visitors

The traditional ways of marketing, such as unsolicited emails, print advertising, and radio advertising, aren’t going to bring people to your website or get you leads like they once did – and they’re becoming much more expensive. In case you haven’t been introduced to the latest in lead generation, inbound marketing is the answer to your lead generation challenges. No matter what the demographics and psychographics of your consumers are, they are all using the Internet to meet their needs in one way or another. Since this is the norm now, we have 3 tips for you to attract website visitors using inbound methods.

1. Optimize your Website

Having a website isn’t enough. You have to optimize it. You can do so with search engine optimization (SEO). The better your site is optimized, meaning the more keywords it has in the right places, the more likely it is to be found on major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. In order to optimize your site, you have to strategically implement keywords in your page title, headers, meta descriptions, pictures and more. Remember that you cannot just add random keywords. You must understand what words people use to search for your products and services. To understand what they look for, you have to be able to relate to them. You can do so by having a thorough understanding of their buyer persona. If you haven’t created buyer personas for your company yet, read How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business by HubSpot, our partner.

For more specific tips on SEO practices, read our article Top 10 SEO Considerations When Re-Designing and Launching Your New Website. We’ve done Frederick, Maryland search engine optimization and SEO around the country, and we can tell you that optimizing your website this way is incredibly important.

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2. Create Great Content

So, now that you have created your buyer personas and optimized your website, you understand the specific audiences that you need to target with your content. To start your content marketing, you should blog and target these different audiences. A blog is a great way to keep the content on your website fresh, and search engines actually reward websites that do this by giving them higher rankings. Other types of content you can create are whitepapers, eBooks, guides, checklists – and the list goes on. If you’re not sure how to get started with a content strategy, reach out to us for some help, or visit our website to learn more about our customer engagement with inbound marketing.

3. Use Social Media

When you create your buyer personas, you will have a better understanding of which social media platforms your consumers use, and will be able to attract them to your website more effectively. First, you will need to engage with them. Social listening is great and should be utilized. You can listen socially by creating Google alerts that alert you anytime your company name is mentioned, or when a specific topic that is within your area of expertise is being discussed. By engaging and showing your knowledge about a particular subject, you can gain trust and attract more visitors to your site. You can also show your expertise by sharing the content you created on social media. So when you write a blog, share it on social media. This will also give you offsite SEO, which is great for your search engine rankings.

So there you have it – 3 tips to attract website visitors. Be sure to check back for our upcoming article, 3 Tips to Convert Visitors Into Leads. If you’d like more information on how to turn visitors into leads, please feel free to call us for a no-pressure conversation at 240.575.5887 or contact us online. As a Frederick, Maryland website design company, we’ve worked with clients around the country to create digital marketing strategies that really work when it comes to turning visitors into leads.


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